Monday, January 31, 2011

The Urchins of 49th Station (Update #1)

As promised, here is a little bit of info on the short animation project I'm starting up in my free time!

The absolutely compressed nutshell explanation of the project, without really giving away the script (which is still being revised and added to), is this:

A few nomadic children in a desolate future enter a deserted subway station.  There they meet the Child Eater and his machine of destruction...

Of course you'll have to keep watching this blog if you wanna know how it all turns out.

Here are some early sketches of the machine and the children by my concept artist, Sagan Lacy.  I'm sure he will be annoyed with me for posting these, since they're not fully hashed-out.  I did tell him I was going to, though.  So hopefully he won't be surprised anyway.

Although these designs have a ways to go yet, I think they're awesome.  AAAAAaaaaand here you go:

Also I rendered out a quick camera fly-in of the subway as it exists so far.  It's vastly unfinished, but here's your sneak peek.  If it's too dark to see on your monitor, sorry.  :)

That's all for now, folks!  Stay tuned for more updates.  You may, of course, change the channel now.


Lauren Rasmussen said...

AWESOME!!! so the set is 3D; will the characters be 3D as well? I'm sure you'll go more into technical stuff later, I'm just so curious and excited :D

Nate said...

Oh yeah, the whole thing will be 3D.
Sagan's designs lend themselves wonderfully to 3D modeling. :D

Cory said...

Sure, blame it on my monitor...