Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Update! Wow!

SOOOOOO I should have updated this way sooner, because my iTunes album has been live for over a week now! If you search "Nathan H Taylor" on iTunes you should find my album... make sure you don't forget my middle initial or you'll get a bunch of random results. Now, the album is only 3 songs long but if enough people buy it I'll be able to afford to post a larger one!
Oh, and if you don't use iTunes you can find the same album on Amazon as well. :D

Also, here's a quick character turnaround of another model for Sean's film, working title "EXILE."

Quicktime Version Here

Maybe the next update I post won't take me a month to get around to. Heheh


PS. If you haven't gone to yet, go there now! We've been doing cool stuff and you can see some samples of our work on that site. Project London is an Indie Scifi film I'm on the VFX team for.